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GSB sleeve, tuck flaps not glued!?

I vaguely remember reading a post here some time ago where someone was concerned that delivery people (or someone in the supply chain) might open the tucks and shave a few times and then put the blades back in before delivering them --- and I think I was making fun of him or at least I thought it was silly. 🤣 So just to be clear, I'm not suggesting anything like that. But I'm curious if anyone else has seen this before.

I have never tried the GSB but read so many posts where people list them as being one of their favorite blades -- and with all the Russian blades being harder to get these days, I thought I'd order a 100 pack to see what they are like. They just arrived and every tuck in the sleeve has the flaps hanging open like the packaging machine was running low on glue that day or something. The flaps on the other end are glued shut and it's the same flap on every tuck that is hanging open (the one with the date) Ever see this before? Got them from Amazon and the supplier has a sketchy name "Cosmic Marketplace"

The wrappers on the blades are sealed normally and the four glue dots on the blade - everything looks perfect. :letterk1:


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last few I've bought were like that - some held a little better than others in the pack, but that one side just isn't glued very well.

That amazon vendor is fine - I've ordered other blades from them. You can pick other vendors when viewing - I'll usually use the safety razor place or supersafetyrazors. Some vendors will wrap the item in a poly mailer, and that is stuffed into the amazon packaging - some will just use packing tape, so it makes getting some of the little tucks off of that display packaging difficult.
The newer GSB packaging seems to be the worst so far but lots of the Russian ones are like this. I usually put a little tape over the ends if the blades are coming out.

On my GSBs dated 02/24/22 it had both sides coming undone. When I opened the package there were blades all over the place since the post office shoved them tight in my box and squished them. My last batch made in 04/29/21 didn’t have any ends open yet. It’s the first time I’ve seen the newer packaged (2021-2022) versions with the 4 wax dots and I really like them. It’s hard to go wrong with any GSB.


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Another Fan of Gillette Silver Blues here. I have not bought any for a while so if I see some out here in Australia I should to see if I experience the same thing with the packaging. Maybe on the day of production they were running low on glue or the machine operator wasn’t paying attention. As long as the blades are okay and perform all should be well.
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