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Got some colognes in the mail from KnoxCigar.com....




The Mr. Sidney's cologne is VERY nice stuff. Interesting plastic "squirt" bottle....

Nice Joel. But that Taylor's bottle looks like something I would dispense soy sauce out of... :smile: I am thinking about picking up some Taylor's St. James Cologne, would it be packaged in the same manner as the Mr. Sidneys? (I know scent is obviously the reason to buy, but its nice to look at a fine bottle, too)

I agree with RVG, although the scent is what is important that plastic bottle looks cheap.

Joel, how would you describe the scent of the Mr. Sidneys cologne?
I will compose reviews of all three scents as I develop a rounded opinion of them - I don't want to be TOO hasty and jump to conclusions!

The Mr. Taylor Sidney's cologne comes in an incredibly cheezy bottle - but this in NO way reflects their other colognes. I own Taylor Mr. Taylor, Sandalwood and shave shop and they all came in handsome, high quality glass bottles. The Taylor St. James actually comes in my favorite cologne bottle (astetic)....

I also enjoy The Taylor St. James cologne. If you like the astetics of the 100ml bottle you may want to check out the 200ml bottle.
Austin said:
Please give your impression on Lonach. I have been curious about this EDT for quite some time.

I have worn it a few times, and so far - I do not like it. It smells likea retirement home, or a an old mildew infested house. This is just aobut the only scent I can remember I have actually DISliked. This is also the ONLY cologne I have EVER worn which has received NEGATIVE reviews from friends, co-workers, classmates, etc.... multiple negative reviews. Probably the most telling - a female co-worker mentioned I always smelled wonderful - but questioned if I had had a "rough" night and not showered.... suffice to say, I haven't been wearing it much lately.

On the other hand so far the CF 1445 has been outstanding!
thats really funny. I had a sample of Lonach from Charles, and it is the only CF cologne I have tried so far; I think it liked my skin better than yours, though because my gf loved it, and it did not at all bring to mind a retirement home or a musty house....I didn't get any though because it didn't quite blow me away; I do want to see what 1445, or forbes of forbes, smells like.
wow. Even had them wondering if you'd showered.....that stuff REALLY didn't agree with you.
so I guess this is one of the "get a sample first" scents...or maybe I just remember it being better than it was.
John P.
For what it is worth, on multiple ocassions I have gotten samples that were significantly different from the full bottles, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Even smelling it right from the bottle the consensus was that it was god awful stuff.
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