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Golden Nib Synthetic Knot: Anyone use it??

I have a handle just begging for a new knot. I have plenty (for me) badger and boar brushes so thought about doing something different.

Has anyone used this knot? If so, what are your impressions, thoughts, comments??

Thanks in advance and enjoy your shave
I haven't, but there are a couple of guys on SRP that have created quite a few brushes with golden nib knots and they say they are great.
Nope, but the other knots the Golden Nib offers seem to garner good reviews. I say go for it if you're looking to try out a synthetic brush. If nothing else the rest of us can use you as a guinea pig... :innocent:

On a side note, just purchased a knot from the Golden Nib this early this evening. I'm in the process of restoring my first brush. :biggrin:
Have decided to go ahead and get the synthetic knot and see what comes of it. Can't hurt and will give me another choice in the rotation.

I'll report back later.
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