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glycerin, where to find in bricks and mortar

I've casually been looking for bottles of glycerin in CVS/Walgreen/WallyWorld type stores and haven't been able to find it. I've seen photos of a CVS bottle on this site.

A few times, I've asked stocking clerks, who have looked at me in a puzzle way.

My question is what section of CVS or some other store has it?
I buy mine a WalMart. It is right next to the Witch Hazel and Rubbing Alcohol, directly in front of the Pharmacists counter.
I've gotten mine in CVS..
But... One girl I asked looked me like I had two heads... The other knew right away. It was in the aisle near soaps.
Here in Texas at the CVS I actually saw it with the laxatives. I couldn't find witch hazel, but I remember someone telling me once that they used Tucks pads for their face as a gentle astringent. So I headed over there last night to investigate after I couldn't find simple, bottled witch hazel. The glycerin was in what would have been used as an enema, but a MUCH smaller bottle. Almost looked like an eyedropper with a really long beak. But it seemed quite expensive. $8 for what I don't think was more than 1 fl. oz.
I got some at Rite-Aid, right on the shelf with the skin lotion and the like. I think all pharmacies have it, you just have to ask the pharmacist (I have at CVS and they have it). Don't be as "nervous as a teenager buying condoms". There is some old bad info around about glycerin causing burns etc... It's all false, glycerin is a "humectant" that draws moisture from the air INTO the skin, not the reverse. It's enough to put the product behind the counter in some drugstores.
The above shows how this can be found in a myriad of places in the store. Very confusing. In my CVS it is in the first aid section. At Wal-Mart it depends on what store you go to. However, the pharmacist or assistant knows where it is. At our local Publix grocery stores it is generally on the top shelf where the WH is located near the pharmacy.
+1 on asking the Pharmacist. The floor people in most of these places don't have a clue as to the location of many things. Recently I was looking for mineral oil, the floor person said they didn't have any - the Pharmacist took me right over to the shelf and grabbed it for me.
Thanks all for your help and good ideas. I should have thought of asking the pharmacist. I used to be friends with pharmacist and would visit with him sometimes while he was working and watch him field questions about non-prescription stuff.

It's interesting to learn that glycerin also has laxative qualities and is sometimes located near the ex-lax section. Fortunately I haven't had to deal with that problem in my life other than once with the flue.

My goal this weekend is to try all of your ideas and use a couple of drops in my bowl lathered Bigelow creme and perhaps my VDH deluxe. Might even use it when it comes time to experiment with VDH.

Thanks again!
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