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Glycerin base face soap.

Hi all! Can anyone recommend a good glycerin based face soap? I hear people mentioning them here but I never hear any brand names. Thanks in advance!

Mama Bear and Proraso, among others, are glycerin based.

Edit: Oh, sorry, I didn't see that you're looking for face soaps.
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Needs milk and a bidet!
Is that a shaving soap or just a facial cleanser one would use before a cream/soap?

well slap my face and call me stupid. VDH is a shaving soap. I was to giddy to suggest VDH and the "face soap" didn't register.
I have no experience with face soap or cleansing soap as I don't use them.
I use Clearly Natural Glycerine soaps as well as the ones from Whole Foods. Both cost less than 1.25 a bar.
You only get one face, why not use the best? One puck lasts for two months washing your face twice a day. Pretty small price difference for the quality you get with the old world hand crafted artisan excellence that is Musgo.
I've used the Musgo Real as a face soap and enjoyed it, although I prefer the Anthony Logistics for Men Citrus Glycerin bar if i am picking a bar for my face

Although recently I've been alternating between Nancy Boy's face soap (VERY mild) and Anthony Logistics for Men Algae Face cleaner
I've read a few reviews that the musgo real glyce lime oil soap might be a little harsh for sensitive skin. Has anyone here found this to be true??
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