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Giro d'Italia, anyone else watching the 100th edition?

Going back and checking stage highlights. I missed the first stages during Tour of California. Nice how nobody wanted to help Dumoulin and he still smoked them!
He sure earned it. I was a little surprised to learn he was the first Dutch winner in the 100 year history of the Giro.

I know cycling has had tough times throughout it's history with all the doping and other cheats, but I still really enjoy the sport, especially the team tactics and then the individual stories which always come out of major races.
Unfortunately I was traveling throughout most of it, but am counting down for Le Tour!

It'll be interesting to see what Froome is like this year as he's not doing so well at the moment in the Crit du Dauphine.

Plus, the French public seem to be trying to kill him after ramming him off the road with a car during training!

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