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Gillette vs. Merkur Double Edged Razor Blades

Several weeks back, I started shaving for the first time (DE/Safety style) with a Merkur Progress (which I enjoy very much) and Merkur blades. Soon after I had seen several positive postings about the Nordic Gillette blades sold from Auravita that I just had to try them.

All I can say after shaving with the Gillette blades is that they perform much better than their Merkur cousins do. So much so that I am contemplating selling my remaining Merkurs and/or trading them for something else. I can see a major difference between the two and it is most evident in the way they treat the skin. The Merkurs have a tendency to nick more so than the Gillette blades. I am not sure if other members have had these experiences but I would love to hear other's experience with both blades.


There are many gents out there who love the Euro Gillette blades. They seem to walk a razor thin line between sharp and overly sharp. Feather blades are without question the sharpest blade available but they can be a handful, especially when shaving down close to your skin. The Euro Gillettes cut almost as smoothly but don't peel skin quite as easily.

Sharpness is a trade-off. A super sharp blade will feel great on the first and second pass. They cut so easily that there is very little drag and hence less of a potential for nicks. On the other hand, it takes a very deft touch to finish with these blades. There is a tendency to abrade the skin on the third and fourth passes (if you use that many.)

The Merkur blades may pull a little more early in the shave but they will be much more forgiving at the end. This requires a slight change in technique. You need to reduce razor pressure and possibly slow down. They are very good blades if you understand what they can and can't do.

Unless you are sitting on a large stash of I wouldn't be so quick to unload them. If you like the Euro Gillettes then by all means use them as they are outstanding blades, but sit on those Merkurs and come back to them at some point in the future. I'll bet you appreciate them a little more.
Hi Farang...
Brett's advice on hanging on to your Merkur blades is sound... They are high quality blades and the platinum coating will keep the edge from oxidizing for quite some time to come. Shop around, but when it comes time to stop and smell the roses, the Merkurs will be there for you.
Thanks Ron and Brett,

At the time I wrote this I guess I was just *&ssed off that I got nicked so many times so quickly after having used the Gillettes and not getting nicked at all. Live and learn, you are quite right about hanging onto them as I might need them some day a well!


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