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Gillette Relampago blades

Anyone seen one of these before? I have seen the trademark renewal blades, and I have seen a Superspeed marked Relampago, but never an actual Relampago blade. I am not a blade collector, but I got this with a recent purchase. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I'm not an expert but, of course, it's written in Portuguese. Portuguese from Brazil, in fact. It's easy to see because here we say registada (registered) and in Brazil regist(r)ada with an additional R (inherited from french influence) as you can see.

It's written

Swedish Steel

Lightning Bolt

Registered Trademark

Gillette Product

And too the $ symbol may helps : Brazil had first Reis currency(1694), then Cruzeiro or Cr from 11.01.1942 till 02.12.1967, then Cruzeiro Novo or NCr$ from 02.13.1967 till 05.14.1970, then Cruzeiro or Cr$ again from 05.15.1970 till 02.28.1986, then Cruzado or Cz$ (from 02.28.1986), then Cruzado Novo or NCz$ from 01.16.1989 til 03.15.1990, then again Cruzeiro or Cr$ under Collor from 1990 till 1993, then Cruzeiro Real or CR$ from 01 Aug. 1993 to 30 June 1994 under Itamar Franco, then the Real or R$ under Itamar and actual currency.

The Cz$ symbol is Cruzado, being Cr$ for Cruzeiro. It means your blade have a gap time between:

-'42 till '67...i think the symbol here was Cr
-or '70 till '86- i will bet on this one,
-or '90 till ' 93...

my 0.02 Cr$ :lol:
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Search for Brazilian Cruzeiro and you will see...:wink:

Quite refreshing all this stuff!! I wish to be there again...:cool:
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