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Here's a question for any razor blade experts out there:

I found a link to a vendor who is selling Gillette Platinum Plus blades. Here's the link:


The blades come in a blue package of 10.

Question: Are these the same blades as the "Swedish" Gillette Platinums (which also come in blue packages) ?? I am uncertain because of the inclusion of the word"Plus" after the word "Platinum" - which does not appear on the blades I have previously purchased from the UK.

So -- does "Gillette Platinum" = "Gillette Platinum Plus" or are they actually a different product, making this a trap for the unwary buyer?

Any thoughts much appreciated!

-- David
I'm not really sure. I have some of the Sweedish Gillette, but the packaging did not look like the one on the link you had posted and my package did not have the word plus after the platinum. Perhaps someone else who knows more may chime in.
One thing I notice is that the Swedish Gillettes come in 5 packs, not 10 packs. And the packaging is different.

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