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Gillette Platinum blades


I have a question for you. I just received my blade sampler pack from LetterK (thanks John!) and on the Gillette Platinum blades, I see 4 numbers (1-4), each time left and right on both sides. Can anyone tell me what those numbers are for?

Thank you in advance!

Edit: thank you Bruce for the tip!
the number of time you can use the blade before it blows up!?!?
I've also wondered the same thing! My Derby blades have on one side 1 and 2 and the other side 3 and 4. each number on each edge on each side of the razor...what for?

Maybe you want to edit your subject to say something about numbers 1-4 on DE razor blades, what are they? ...just a thought, might have a better chance of an answer...
I actually have no idea whether you can change the subject. I only see edit to edit the body of my message. :001_smile
rnconync said:
I've been researching but can't find anything so far :confused:
Same here. I guess it must have something to do with the sides of the blade seen the fact you have 2 shave directions on each edge but I don't see the reason for numbering them.

Ah well, it's not really a big deal since you can place the blades don't really have a top or bottom but it's just weird, that's all. :001_smile
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