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Gillette new improved vs IKON B1 oc

Soooo, I have read some topics about this but the conclusion is a bit hazy to me.

Is the IKON B1 open comb similar a shaver as the Gillette New Improved?
I know Ikon has been banned as a vendor here, I have also read why and I understand. But hope that doesn't mean I can't enquire.

Many thanks to those replying that have used both.
I'm asking because I adore the shave of my Tuckaway set, I haven't found another device that shaves as comfortable yet close but it's and old razor and I would like to preserve it as well as possibly. Shaving with it daily would probably be a bad idea.

IMO, it's a steel version of the Gillette New long comb, although I never liked the New LC nor the Tuckaway style head and ended up getting rid of the B1 Deluxe OC as well.
It’s the New Deluxe, not the New Improved. (Hence the name.) It’s a great shave - very close to the New Deluxe. I have my ND packed away for a move, otherwise I’d post a picture comparing the 2 heads side by side.
I was lucky enough to find a NEW De Luxe recently for a good price and I'm expecting it to arrive soon along with other razors. I was also thinking about getting the Ikon clone version and I would have probably got one if I wasn't able to find the real deal. I hope it's worth it.
I was eyeing a new deluxe as well but noticed a webstore nearby that had 30 percent off on IKON items, so I got it for fair price,probably would't have pulled the trigger otherwise.
The American New Deluxe and the English RFB are my two favorite Gillettes. For my face anyway, they have the best combination of smoothness and efficiency.
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I had one a long time ago. It was a good shaver, but then when I finally got a real Gillette New Deluxe I sold the iron..
For me with the iron version and the original Gillette New Deluxe are less aggressive and smoother shavers than the New Improved.
For a while at the beginning of the ikon deluxe open comb, some of them were plagued by a 'wavy blade' problem similar to what happened to some of the early Webers. This was before they were called B1. I am pretty sure they solved the problem in the later models.
There's no problem with blade camping on mine. It's a very enjoyable shaver. I dont have an IKON handle as the store I ordered from only had aluminium options, and I like some heft. The teeth are more prominent on this one compared to my New Improved. Not sure if the New Deluxe has this as well?
You should really try the short comb version as it's prolly the best razor in my rotation. This was under $50 and comes with the real OG handle Burger King serves up.

Hmmm, Chiss Burgers .....

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