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Gillette experts - why was this DE so desirable/expensive?

It's an English Gillette #58. It is desirable because it is a great shaving razor. The price reflects that and the rarity of them. I didn't buy it but I have one in my collection.
That's a pretty good price for a #58...I finally got hold of one and can't wait till it arrives so I can compare it against my #66. The only others I ever considered shaving with were the #15 and the #16...another day :)
It's also a scarce razor - one recently went on Ebay (in mint condition with case and outer card box) for £240 (GBP) as johnmrson says, it's a great shaver too.

Best wishes

Cloth and leather cases wear out sooner than metal razors, so by now they're much rarer. Seeing one in that great condition added a lot to the value of the razor if you're a collector.
So an Australian seller only shipping in Australia, charged $22 for shipping? Makes me thankful for the US Postal Service and it's $4.95 Priority Mail Flat Rate box.

Sydney Guy

I'm assuming the winning bidder was from Europe as his other winning bids were with European sellers. The $22 shipping came from the seller's answer to a question about postage costs to Spain.

Thanks to all of you for your responses.
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