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Gillette DE Differences?

There are two models of Gillette DE that I am interested in and I was hoping someone would be able to clarify a few points for me.
The models in question are being advertised as a Superspeed 'Big Boy' and an F4 Fatboy.
Is there any major difference between a Big Boy and a Fat Boy (off colour jokes acceptable at this point:rolleyes: ?) Or, am I falling victim to false ebay advertising?
What year Superspeed is the Big Boy? I have often read that post 1940's Superspeed aren't as good as their earlier counterparts, is there any truth to this?
If I only go for one model out of the two, which is the best?
Finally, the most important question, how do these two models shave?
Look forward to hearing ftom you.
Warm regards,
Are you referring to the e-bay razor that was claimed to be a Big boy superspeed. Someone claimed it's real name is President, a nickel plated Aristocrat. Gillette never used the names Bigboy or Fatboy but they are used to refer to the big handle adjustable razors made in the late 50s. In 1960 Gillette redesigned the razor with a slim handle.
The Fat handle adjustable are great razors, I have 2 and the both shave great.
I don't have a President but I have I have a Milord form the 40s, an Aristocrat from the late 40s and 4 superspeeds of different ages. There's not a bad razor in the bunch. IMHO any Gillette TTO from the 40s onwards in proper working condition will be a good shaving razor.
having recently copped a gillette adjustable( slim handle), i can honestly say that it is a great shaver!

The slim handled adjustible is great - I think the gillette adjustibles are pretty good, but I still use my Merkur classic and slant most of the time.
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