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Giant vintage Dunhill shave bowl & soap

Giant vintage Dunhill wood shave bowl with vintage soap arrived today. As I opened the box it was shipped in and pulled out the shave bowl, I couldn't help but giggle...it's so freaking huge!
The outer diameter of the bowl is 8 inches and the cake of soap itself weighs almost 19 Oz. I am unsure of how old this actually is (guessing 1930's/1940's ???), but it does still have a nice light scent off the puck. I'm not very good with describing scents but I think I'm picking up lavender & other florals.

In the photo below I've included a Brit Aristocrat to help convey the size of this behemoth.
I'm guessing it was possibly a large store display piece??? Does anyone have other possible reasons for such a large wood soap bowl?
That's so awesome!!

Please share some lather pics.

I can't believe it has scent remaining after so many decades!!

Gives me hope for the soaps I've hoarded!
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