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Getting rid of some scents...

Cleaning out the toiletry cabinet and I'm gonna part ways with these guys. I liked them when I used them, but I've sort of toned down my scentyness lately. Third bottle is DK Men... had it forever, really loved it, then moved and forgot about it for about 20 years and recently rediscovered it in a box in my basement. Total powerhouse scent. No idea how much is left in the bottle, guessing by the swishy sound when I shake it, I'd say about 1/4 full. The little cap that goes over the pump is long gone.

The other two are fairly self-evident.

Anybody want?

I’d be into the Havana (Aramis, right?) and the Eau de Baux for sure. The DK sounds good as well, bit I’ve never heard of that one.

I’m just getting into frags for real - at 55! - and there’s so many classics I’ve never even sniffed. And so much to catch up on.
Ah jeezzz... I posted this and totally forgot about it. I guess my settings are messed up because I didn't get a notification about replies. Anyway, I'm also not very up on the terminology, but I meant this as a PIF, that is to say I'm not selling them. I can't see shipping being that expensive, but given that they are perfumes I guess it would have to be CONUS.

So far the L'Occitane and Aramis Havana are spoken for, so it's just the lonely DK one left.
Thanks so much to everyone for helping me get under the limit of fragrances that make me feel like I have too many fragrances. That’s a different number for different people. I was really only over that number by one, but now that I’ve rehomed three bottles I can obsessively search for two new ones and still be under the limit!!!

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