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German Soap Questions

Just a few questions about German/Austrian soaps. Is Calani a cold (or is hot) poured glycerine soap? Get that impression from the Calani site. What about Klar Siefen and Klar Kabinett? Milled? And Haslinger? Understand that Haslinger (all or some) is tallow based; don't know if they are milled or not.
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I don't know what the process is for Klar Seifen or Haslinger, I keep both in my rotation and they both provide slick, moisturizing lathers. The Haslinger is relatively inexpensive @ ~$9.00 a 60 Gram puck, the Klar Sefien is ~$28-$30 for a 110 Gram puck and IMO, still worth the money.
Not sure about how they are manufactured either, but the Klar Seifen is great stuff. A lot like Tabac but a little nicer scent to me.
John, I have 3 Calani soaps and 3 Haslinger soaps in rotation. Haslinger is a harder soap than Calani but neither are melt and pour or triple milled to my knowledge. Klar Kabinett is a softer soap too. I didn't care for the rose scent that much but enjoyed using it. I've not used the Klar Seifen or know much about it other than it's supposed to be a very good soap, it's on my list. The Haslinger does have tallow in it, at least the 3 I have do. I'm a big fan of the Calani and Haslinger soaps. I think they're excellent products, YMMV.
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