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German OC ID

I came across a German Old Type razor. The handle has the "Pat. Nov. 15 '04" on the bottom but the head has Made in Germany. It also has a stamp mark. That is all, no other marks. Is this a German clone with a Gillette handle? I held it up to my old type and it is identical.
It came as black as could be but a few soaks with tin foil and baking soda cleaned it out beautifully.
Okay the pictures:
$P1010065 (2) - Copy.jpg$P1010065 (2).JPG$P1010066 (2).jpg
Well, I think the handle is definitely Gillette, from a look perspective. I'm not an expert on clones, but I'm reasonably sure. As for the head, I don't have enough experience to help you there. There have been a lot of German clones over the years it seems. I'll let someone else chime in on that. The important question is...how does it shave? The quality of German razors is generally good.
I haven't shaved with any of the old types yet so but I may shave with this one this morning. (I've been sticking with my 34' Aristocrat lately)
Funny thing is all my old type handles have cracks I'm them but this one is perfect. I held this head IP to the old type I have and the teeth even line up perfectly. The cap is the thicker type which would put it a clone of the 21'-29',right?
Would a clone have uses a patent number? The number is very faint ,so I thought maybe a replate but since it was black with tarnish (and I mean black) it seems too old.
Anyone have any idea how to look up the stamped mark on the base plate?
Okay tried looking up proof marks and most of what came up was guns, so nothing there.
I did shave with it with a Astra and was surprised. I hadn't shaved with an Old Type before so I can't compare. The shave went very well, actually too well. I went WTG and then XTG. I was always a little afraid of Old Type, thinking they would peel the flesh from my bones, but it good. I decided things were going so well that I did a ATG. No nicks, no weepers. Got cocky and went for a baby smooth shave. Mistake. Got some redness on the neck a little sting from the alum.
Gillette handle, vintage Merkur cap and base plate. I have a vintage Merkur with the only difference being I have the original Merkur handle. The cap and base plate look the same as yours.
I LOVE my old OC! This one looks like the Pat. 1904 gillette that I use, minus the stamps. I agree, if it gives you a good shave, then its a good razor, no matter who made it. If you dont like it, well, Ill do you a favor and take it off your hands... :thumbup: J/K

This is the one I use.. my fav! Cracked handle and all...
I used a senator and I wasnt all to impressed.... sorry people... this one has the perfect weight to it and the length of the handle is perfect too (for my hands). All of my other Safety razors are now just for display as I find myself always using this one OC... but, to each their own :)
I have to make a correction. The Merk I have does not have that mark. The only mark visible is "made in Germany". So I'm not certain who produced the razor you have. Sorry about that. There are a couple of pics of the razor in my gallery, but, I don't have closeups and I'm for certain, that mark is not on it.
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I have a razor that looks like a Old-type copy also. The only marking is "Made in Germany"

$2013 Vintage German 1.jpg$2013 Vintage German 2.jpg$2013 Vintage German 3.jpg

I have now tried three different blades in it, and it always has given a great shave.
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