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George Trumper Eau de Portugal vs Taylor of Bond No 74 Victorian lime

I have the Trumper Eau De Portgual and was wondering how it compares to the Taylor of Bond Street No 74 Victorian Lime? I know the Eau de Portugal is citrusy but doesn't last too long. I do like it but was wondering if the Taylor of Bond street is too much like it?

Thanks. I think I have the colonge and shaving soap fever!
I'm reasonably certain that Taylor Victorian Lime is the resurrected Royal Yacht Edwardian Lime which folded a few years ago. It's nothing like E de P; longer lasting but not as "crisp" and citrusy.
Taylors Victorian Limes is a fine lime scent. EDP has bitter orange. For staying power and price, Taylors is a better choice.


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I love the scent of a good lime cologne, but most of them seem to last for only seconds. The Taylor #74 is the only one I've tried that has anywhere near a reasonable staying power.
Are you looking for a LIME edt? Eau de Portugal is not a LIME edt.
While most of this depends upon your specific body chemistry, the longevity of most limes is typically short. One surprisingly pleasant and relatively inexpensive cologne is the C&M Verbena. You may wish to try it now that it is one a 25% off sale...:idea:
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