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Fun razor challenge I am doing

Like many people on here I have gathered a decent collection of straights (roughly 20-25). However I sort of just picked out 3-6 that I mostly use and maintain to keep the other ones nice and blah blah. Since I have gotten a bit more skilled since starting I am not too worried about messing up any of the razors or giving them unnecessary hone wear. Deciding to put all of my razors in rotation (except for 2 special to me razors). Giving each razor 5 shaves before rotating to the next one.

To keep things interesting I am having my gf pick a razor coffin at random and shaving with whatever she picks. Since I have been moving this past week I was hoping for a larger blade for the first shave but ended up with the helje mk 30 ha (scales are Hawaiian Koa wood). Great shave though and when the project is over I think I will be using this razor more in whatever the new rotation is. Can't remember what the edge is but it is either synthetic or ark if I had to guess, very sharp and was actually perfect for the job today.

I have all of mine lined up on a shelf(on which I'm running out of room), I work my way from one end to the other each shave...simple, different razor every day. The only thing I don't like is that it takes so long to get back around to each razor again!!!

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I could also make myself available for this endeavor.
Sounds good. I have some very nice ones so keep me in mind. I’m in the process of moving - hopefully early February and everything is turned upside down at the moment. I would like to reduce my stock a bit.
I usually use one straight for the week as well. I like to keep it consistent for 5-6 shaves to dial in the shaves and appreciate the characteristics of the tool. I also 3017 my soaps so the only real variable throughout the week is the brush I use. I also touch up with a DE/SE razor if needed, that also changes when the blade needs to be tossed.
Finished up my last shave with the thumb notch grelot today and it was fantastic. Partner went to the box of razors and managed to pick another grelot (of 3 in total that I have). I believe it has a jnat edge but going to take it to the 8x2 trans ark since the last grelot liked it so much.
Will attach photos sometime tomorrow when it hits the stones
The next razor has been chosen, but sadly it will have to wait until the weekend at the soonest(need to get some tape so I can hone it, also very small chip in the heel). Very nice looking wedge I have not used yet. Will probably use the that sweet helje again in the meantime.
Did 1 layer of tape on DMT 325 for awhile and them another layer of tape on the chosera 1k (replaced the tape once). Made some progress and chip is pretty much gone. I am not sure if the bevel is setting though and feel like it should have been by now. Might try 2 layers of tape next honing session, and if bevel sets I will try out the edge off of 2 layers
Sadly had to put the W&B wedge to the side for now. Heel is giving me trouble and don't have the time to spend trying to get the bevel right on it. However the next razor on the list had its first shave today and was amazing. Heljestrand Beograd, I forgot the story but I will post link with some more photos of it. Set the bevel on a 1k with a layer of tape, then a thin coticule with slurry. Finished on the same thin coticule with oil and had great results, will post a video of said finish. Looking foward to the next 4 shaves with this one

TnFWisT - Imgur.jpg

more pictures and video of the finish below

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