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FS Classic or Vintage Straights, brush, bowl, paddle strop

I am cleaning the house of things I am not using too much. Here are some straights and straight related items. I would call them shave ready on my sparse but coarse beard. I've been shaving with them regularly but your expectations may different. — Let’s assume you'll put your own edge on them. I have honed them lightly in a progression of translucent Ark, coticule, jnat kiita and finally Suehiro 10k.

When you get anything and there is something I have missed or should have mentioned that would have turned you away had you known, ship it right back before using for a full refund. Shipping in USA will be included.

Joseph Rodgers, Sheffield, Hamburg Ring 5/ 8ths, single shoulder, made between 1901-1910, square tip. Used one piece black electrical tape to set bevel. This is a very elegant, nice shaver with a very little spine wear. Spot at heel is marking pen from bevel set. 70.00.

Clauss (model 6803) Fremont, Ohio, 5/8ths, ½ hollow ground, square point, single shoulder, jimped under tang, lovely marbled real celluloid scales, 1920s. The grind on this is very nice. Very little spine wear. Couple fine nicks in edge under 60x. No electrical tape used in honing. 40.00.

Joseph Elliott, Featherweight “best silver steel,” ½ hollow, square tip. 5/8ths. The razor was made after the McKinley 1891 tariff as it is marked Sheffield, England. It is of the so called “Hamburg singing” style like my Rodgers. Hamburg, Germany was the in place for extreme hollow grinding in the 1900s, so a lot of razors had some sort of “sing” or “ring” and Hamburg motto. But they often said on the tang, “Ground in Sheffield.” The scales are black celluloid with nickel silver pins. Honed with one piece electrical tape. Non-original coffin box not shown. Couple of fine nicks under 60x. Very little spine wear. 30.00.

Vulfix English made shaving brush, premium badger, well used, but lathers up well. 15.00.

Small four-sided leather on wood strop. Felt, rouge, white and green chrome oxide sides. Well used. 11.50.

Generic turned lidded hardwood shaving bowl with near full cake, I think Williams. Good back up or travel bowl. 11.50.


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