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FS A couple of straights, a couple of stones, and a vintage scuttle

Up for sale is an old Fredrick Reynolds straight that was restored by Doc several years ago. It has the American Eagle etched onto the 7/8+ full wedge blade.

This razor was made pre-1890 due to no country of manufacture (only Sheffield). As you can see, with the exception of some water spotting, this razor is in excellent condition! Asking $325 shipped.

Next is an unusual Le Grelot Hospital straight razor.

According to the Cutlery trademark registration office in France, the first trademark was in 1912. The stamp on the tang of this razor matches the first trademark exactly.

This particular Le Grelot has an unusual scalloped spine and jimping on top and bottom. It is a 6/8 with ivory colored celluloid scales.

Please refer to the pictures as they are part of the description. $45 shipped.

For some reason part of my item descriptions disappeared. Here's the rest.

Next is coticule that someone mounted in a wooden holder for hand honing.

I cannot tell if there’s a Belgian Blue mounted to the opposite side.

The stone measures 5-3/8 x 1-1/8 x at least 1/4”.

The stone is extremely smooth and with a diamond plate it works up a nice, milky slurry.

It has been lapped and is ready to go.

Please refer to the pictures as they are part of the description. Asking $80 shipped.

Next is a Franz Swaty barber hone. Don't have much to say about this. Free with razor purchase.

Next is a vintage Burleigh Ironstone Staffordshire England shaving scuttle. Very good condition as I have never used it. No chips or cracks and the gold trim is still in excellent condition. Burleigh broke the mold for this scuttle some years back. Not real easy to find. This will make an outstanding addition to your collection. Asking $60 shipped.
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