Fountain Pen Doldrums

Discussion in 'The Nib' started by The Nid Hog, Sep 11, 2019.

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    I was doing some periodic maintenance on my pens the other day when it occurred to me that I haven't bought a new one in a long time. I guess that's not 100% accurate because I still pick up the odd Pilot Prera to use at work or when I'm traveling. And I write with FPs every day. But I've been gradually reducing my hoard without really thinking about it. I gave my Lamy 2000 to my design-oriented daughter when she started grad school this fall. I've given a couple of others to friends doing writing projects. Maybe I need to kick-start my buying again. Trying to think about what might be cool. A vintage Pelikan? Something ebonite? I know this is the place to get some creative ideas. Help me out!
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    I've picked up a couple Pilot 823's in the past year used. One fine (smoke color) and one broad (amber brown color). They both write wonderfully and are fun to use and look at imho.

    I've also picked up a few vintage Shaffers for cheap. I look for the lever fillers that are easy to restore. It gives you a bit of a sense of accomplishment to fix up a 60 or 70 year old pen and bring it back to life. Plus, vintage Sheaffer nibs write so nicely.

    That's my attempt to enable you.
  3. I looked at this question from the standpoint of what would I buy again if my pens disappeared.

    a Jinhao 450 or a 159. Costs cup of coffee money and always reliable and, IMHO, good looking for the money

    Parker 51. Great design, simple functionality

    Pelikan 800. Superbly made.

    Montblanc 149, a joy to use, I have two although they dont get much use, they are just nice to use on high days and holidays.

    Every day use pens are cheaper Parker Cartidge pens like the 45 and Frontiers and a Chinese made brass pen that is similar to a Kaweco.

    I would also buy yourself a new notebook, something like the Midori Travellers, a new book always revitalises my writing

  4. The Pelikan Hub is coming up. Is there one nearby you could crash and oogle over other people’s pens?
  5. Doc4

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    I haven't bought a pen in ages either. As with a lot of other things, I have reached that point where I know I have "enough" ... probably a lot more than "enough" if I am being honest ... and don't "need" more.
  6. It might be an idea for two people to swap a pen of a similar value.
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    I have to think, given some of your work travels, that there is a great pen buying experience on the road. That experience could be priceless in its own right, whether the pen is a Jinhao or a high end Sailor.
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    I didn't register for the hub this year. I guess that's a sign of where I am with that.
  9. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    Maybe that's the answer. I used to always spend some time checking out local pen shops, occasionally looking in antique stores for some interesting old pens. Next time I go somewhere, I'll try that again.
  10. I don't think one needs to keep on buying things to maintain an interest in pens, inks, and paper. Just using them is enough to stay interested.

    Mind you, this is coming from someone with a ridiculous number of pens, more than enough ink, and an amount of paper which may be used up if I meet my life expectancy.

    But it has been quite a while since I bought a new pen or ink, although I did get some more A5 sized journals this year. When I do think of buying another pen, it's almost always a vintage one, another Parker, Sheaffer, vintage Conklin (not modern), or perhaps another Mabie Todd. And I have looked at some vintage Pelikans. To me, that's where the interest is, the proven classics, not a modern maker trying to find what will sell. Although obviously there are many excellent modern pens. I just have enough of them.
  11. I've settled on just a couple dailies, and never had a hoard.

    I'll never get rid of my grandfather's P51, but it hasn't been inked in years.

    my TWSBI 530 mini is a bulletproof pocket/traveler, but it's fatter barrelled than I think is perfect.
    my Sheaffer Imperials don't have a twist cap, and don't travel as well. they're uninked.
    my Esterbrook SJ is perfection to me, but susceptible to even temp changes inside to outside. it stays home, more's the pity.
    my Kawaco just got tuned up and given one last chance. it's working ok. just pulled it out of my truck where it's sat since Saturday. the cap was full of ink, from the heat. a total beater pocket/traveler? sure, I might keep it.

    they're all inked with ESS Registrar's.

    much like with my shaving gear, once I figured out my favorites, I minimalized to them, and PIF'd the rest.
  12. Doc4

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    Good choice.

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