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For those interested in trying a straight razor

Greetings, shave aficianados. If any of you have ever wanted to try shaving with a straight razor, but didn't know how/where/with what to start, I may have the solution to your problems. Another group I mod, the Yahoo StraightRazors group, ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StraightRazors/ ) is having another razor give-away. The razors will be shave ready, but will probably win no beauty contests, either. If you want to try to win one of the half-dozen or so razors that the members have donated, feel free to drop by, and join up, and simply post a message stating you would like to be in the drawing. The drawing will likely be in about 2 weeks time. The Yahoo StraightRazors group is, obviously, dedicated to straight razor shaving (honing, stropping, and other straight-razor related topics).

Good Luck!
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