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It's the best time of the year....FOOTBALL...CHILI...TAILGATORS...CHEERLEADERS...

Who is your favorite teams ???

St Louis Rams/Green Bay/Kansas City.....I wonder who else likes KC ????

Thursday 2005 Footbal Kickoff is sponsored by Gillette !!!

Here is my favorite chili recipe try it for yourself, It is so easy even Tina "I can't cook Grant can make this one.....


2lbs. ground beef
1 onion
1 teaspoon white sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon marjoram
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1 Tablespoon chili podwer
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon oregano
1/4 teaspoon worcestershire sauce

2 large cans peeled tomatoes (cubed if possible)
2 kidnet beans (not a cheap brand-they bust too easy)
2 cans of chili bans (your favorite)
1 can of enchilada sauce (mild-med-hot your choice)

1 big crock pot

brown ground beef with one cut up onion....

mix the rest of the ingrediants in your crock pot. Take note that to rinse your KIDNEY BEANS.

This is the basic recipe...I used medium enchilada sauce, more chili powder and I add red (cayenne) pepper....

cook this as long as you want, the longer the better...make it Saturday night and keep it on low till kickoff Sunday and my gosh is it good !!!!!

I love to experiment so you can add different beans, your favorite HOT stuff or whatever you like , but this enchilada sauce has a different little twist to it...

What ever you do, don't say nothing against KC...I warned you !!!!

Come on Football !!!!!

mark tssb :a5:
Thanks for the recipe Mark. I will give it a try. As far as football, I used to be a huge fan but in the past few years I have drifted away from the game. I don't know wheher it's just a busy life or the evolving of the game. I can't say I like some of the personalities that now dominate football. It has become too commerical for me.
Football? Go Villa!

Oh, wait, American football.... Go Patriots!

Totally spoiled by the Patsies,
Dave C
I've got pull for the Saints. You can imagine the anguish I go through each year. As a matter of fact, my friend's wife took my blood pressure one time before the game started, and by the end of the third quarter my bp had gone up so 30 or so points. Those damn Saints can really **** you off some times, but somebody has to root for them. Might as well be me.
cooking? :huh: is that when you heat up food and eat it? i like to make those canned soup dishes. nummy!!!


Rams? boo hiss.... :001_tt2:

...Now my life has meaning again...:blushing:

GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so they're not the niners of the 80's... but Mike Nolan looks like a good choice to lead this team into the future.

Whenever I get depressed, I pull out my tape of Super Bowl XXIII...Montana to Taylor...ahhh, now I feel better!

Thanks for that sweet recipe, Mark, it looks great, I'd like to try it.
My only question is what are chili bans?


I think he meant "chili beans". Mark was spelling with his southern twang! :001_tt2:

I think the 49'ers will see improvement. Even though I am a Cowboys fan, none of this is life or death to me, and I enjoy cheering on different teams. With the 49'ers, it will be because of Alex Smith (University of Utah quarterback, 16-0 last year under his guidance and now 17 straight wins).

The Niners can't not show improvement after last year. :wink:

Seriously, they have a pontentially decent defense. They have a good set of linebackers and will be relying on them after switching to a 3-4 this year. The secondary could also really shape up this season as well. And they'll certainly get lots of plays in given the offense.

But it sure won't be like the old days.

(And speaking of the old days, I met Ronnie Lott at a dinner for the San Francisco Grand Prix bike race Friday. I can't say enough about what a great job he's done adapting to life after football. He stayed through the whole thing (unlike Robin Williams, who almost literally ran out of the room after his bit), chatted with whoever came up, and gave a nice speach to boot. Just a great guy....)

Dave C
the lowly hated Rams 25

What a way to start the season!!!!

Thanks for that "translation" Randy! They didn't offer "Southern" at my school, just French and Spanish. You're an ok guy, for a cowboys fan! :wink:

Dave, good prediction, the 3-4 seems to have really opened up the defense to new possibilities. 7 sacks! Ronnie Lott? Nice! He does seem to be quite the down-to-earth fellow. I'm not sure there's ever been a tougher, smarter or more talented DB to play the game.

I did get to meet Keena Turner some years back, I was about nine and got his autograph (in the basement at macy's), pretty cool dude.

mark, your chili instructions are missing the command to "drink" between every step. i just thought you should know.
reginald-van-gleason said:
Thanks for that "translation" Randy! They didn't offer "Southern" at my school, just French and Spanish. RVG

I took french and spainish each for a week in summer school. Now I got a certificate in being bi-ligual.....

now I can speak three different languages....french, spainish and s/e missourian...

wee-wee senior and you-ins, too.....

Sunday is something to look forward to now...

mark tssb
mark the shoeshine boy said:
wee-wee senior and you-ins, too.....

Sunday is something to look forward to now...

mark tssb

Right you are, sir. Now I have my excuse for not going to church:
"Sorry Father, but the niners only play the rams twice a year. You have mass every sunday!"

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