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Foaming face wash

Anyone know a good one? I have been using Baxter's face wash, and while it is ok, it is like rubbing lotion on your face. I like something that foams a little bit. My face tends toward dryness, so keep that in mind with any recomendations.

Men-U is absolutely great! I even use it right after shaving since it has antiseptic and styptic properties.

By far, my favorite face wash.
I got my Men-U wash and took it along on my business trip earlier this week. It is an interesting product. Weird, intense smell due to the high concentration of tea-tree oil. Lightly foaming and very effective at cleaning. This one is much more intense than the Baxter's I have been using, and you definitely will need moisturizer with it. Good product, though, and gets your face very clean.

I used it post-shave a few times, and it does feel good. Between the tea-tree oil and the witch-hazel, it is soothing. I am not getting rid of my hydrosol/splash/balm collection any time soon, though.
Just so you guys know you can pick it up locally at ULTA.....they have the entire Men-U collection as well as Jcrew and Woodys.
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