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After attempting to obtains samples from Floris 3 times, I have given up. I am wondering if anyone could tell me a store that carries Floris in the San Francisco Bay Area? I know that Scotto has the JF and 127 in his samples availability however I would really like to see all of their offerings.
Who did you contact? I had no trouble getting samples from Floris. I suggest you contact them through the e-mail address below. I just sent a simple e-mail with my address requesting samples of their fragrances for men.

[email protected]
I contacted Floris and received an amazing array of samples almost immediately. Fantastic service.
I think for the people wanting to try a sample pack in europe best is to contact this lady/email adress. I got everything Floris sells as samples didnt ask for it
best service seen sofar !

[email protected]

Dear Rene,

Floris do have samples available and I would be more than happy to send you a selection of these. If you send me your full mailing address I will gladly send a sample pack.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Shane Mansfield

Mail Order Administrator
I emailed Alexandra on Saturday and received an email reponse today to the effect that she is sending me some samples. I used my .Hotmail account.

Be sure to put "Request for Floris Samples" or something like that in the email subject. The SPAM filters might be catching your emails.

I just sent her the email so we shall see. I put samples in the subject line and did get responses from them in the past saying that I would receive samples. Who knows...maybe there is some nice smelling Post Office Employee somewhere?
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