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First wet shave in 8 years

Wow. So, the last time I wet shaved with my DE razor was sometime in June 2016, and for one reason or other I decided to grow out my beard. Fast forward 8 years and my wife’s complaints about my cactus face led me to digging out the old DE kit and give it a try again.

Turns out I forgot a lot of stuff! Remembered most of my prep- lather, pure cream, hot shower etc, but I couldn’t remember which of the hundred sample packs of blades I preferred 🤦🏻‍♂️

So with a Feather installed (turns out my preference was Derby), I went to town. Forgot to avoid passing over areas without lather, definitely forgot the optimal angle and most definitely used to much pressure. It was super fun though and I’d missed that wonderful sound of blade slicing through hair. That is, until my face bloomed like a battlefield 😅 .. when I slapped on aftershave (even after a cold rinse), it was like I lit my face on fire from how much razor burn is given myself 🤣

Anyways, I survived. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed and learned from this community - thanks to all the long timers who shared tips along the way so I could avoid bludgeoning my face!

A quick read through the forum and it’s incredible how many new options there are in the industry now. I’m not sure if I’ll keep shaving or go back to maintaining a beard but figured I would share my experience for some kicks and giggles 🤣
Glad you gave it a go. And it sounds like a case of the shave hurt so good! After a few more shaves I predict you'll have the technique down & you'll be getting marvelous looking & feeling results. Enjoy your shaves, & thanks for checking in!

Ron R

I survived a lathey foreman
Welcome back to B&B again, lathering and good hand technique has not changed but there is a lot of new shave gear has been brought on line since you have been gone, Enjoy!
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