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Flea market finds!

Just back from the flea market again today, was there when the doors opened (actually, about 40 ppl back in the line waiting).

Found a gentleman with a few on his table, and he's going to contact me if/when he finds any others at his place.

Picked a Wardonia (haven't had much luck finding info), a Canadian auto strop, a cased late 50's Rocket, and a g2000... Right now they're getting the scrubbing bubbles soak, so I can get a little more info and some pics in a bit.

Not a bad $15 haul eh? Even better when I spent all of 20min in the flea market (and had this about 5min in).
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Today I stopped by the antique shop that dod mentioned after dinner. Found a tech for the low low price of $19.95, and a slim adjustable for $34.95.

I may just have to check out a flea market around here sometime.
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