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Flash Carnival Contest number 6.02e+23 - Gemagadro's Number

B&B Carnival of Smiles Let's Do It Again Flash Contest Redux!

Hey folks!
Post this this thread until 5:00 PM EST. All posts up to this point will be eligible for a random raffle for a 25 dollar gift certificate to The Perfumed Court.

Yes, these carnival contests just keep coming! What kind of place on the Internet do these kinds of giveaways take place? That's correct - nowhere!

Thanks to the folks at The Perfumed Court for their donation to this contest.

*A donation to Operation Smile is not required to win.

**Badger & Blade.com is not affiliated with Operation Smile nor does B&B derive any benefit from donations made in the name of Badger & Blade.com.

*** Prizes may be subject to change.

**** The final decision on the outcome of all contests rest within the sole discretion of the Moderators and all decisions are final. Any belly-aching will result in an automatic disqualification and removal from any further participation in any other contests for the duration of the Carnival.

*****B&B is not responsible for any prizes that are undelivered to recipient from vendors and/or companies.

******Due to USPS Regulations, any alcohol-based prizes are for CONUS only unless the vendor supplying the prize designates otherwise.
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