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Toothpick Moderator Interview


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Moderator Interview - Toothpick


@Toothpick has been a member of B&B since Oct 3, 2012

01. Weirdest post you have had to moderate?
I can’t think of one individual post since I’ve moderated what feels like tens of thousands. But we get some pretty weird SPAM every now and then.

02. Why you decided to join the team?
I had a choice?!
I guess I was already contributing a lot around the forums so figured it was the next logical step. Plus I heard the tacos were excellent.

03. What you enjoy most about helping the boards work well
Being involved in creating new ideas and features. It’s a real joy at times.

04. Things you wish you knew before you said “yes"
How bad Bigfoot smells. I can’t even describe it. Everyone is lucky we keep him bathed and dipped.
Other than that, I think I had a pretty good idea what to expect considering I was “behind the curtain” already in the Steward role.

05. What are some of the things that you do regularly in the background that most members don’t have visibility to?
Just moderating in general. Editing posts, moving threads, answering member questions. Most members don’t realize that it really is a full time job.

06. What is the hardest part of the job?
Fumigating the mod cave after Bigfoot eats. OK OK, enough picking on Bigfoot. There is really nothing hard about the job. Frustrating for sure at times but 99% of the time it is really enjoyable.

07. Do you have a holy grail razor?
Not at all. I have 1, maybe 2, modern razors. The rest are vintage. I use whatever calls to me that day.

08. How did shaving become important to you?
Important to me? HA HA HA. If you know me you know shaving isn’t important to me. I’ve been lucky enough to have a career that doesn’t require me to be clean shaven. I just have to not look like a bum or Bigfoot. (Dang, I said no more Bigfoot jokes. Ok that was the last!).

09. Favorite knot material? Badger/Boar/Synth/ etc. As specific as one wants to go…
Not synth I would say. I do like a good boar since that’s the first brush I used but oddly….don’t own one now. Badger is the way for me.

10. Movie that makes you happy?Music or song that makes you happy?
I really enjoy You’ve Got Mail. No, really I do. Tom & Meg together are great. I used to be big in to Country music until it turned to pop crap. Pop crap as in 2010 on. Not the 90’s country pop crap that changed Nashville. The new stuff that changed Nashville again is what turned me on to Podcasts.

11. What is your favorite shaving soap/cream scent (kind of looking for scent and not a specific soap) (e.g. barbershop, lavender, Aventus , aquatic, Fougere, etc.).
Maybe anything citrus. I’m to lame to have a favorite scent. To me things either smell good or smell bad. But I’ll say citrus.

12. Funniest post you ever had to remove?
Can’t recall. But most funny posts don’t get removed.

13. Have you ever had to force yourself to shave, and if yes, did you find yourself feeling better for it afterwards?
Force myself to shave? Again - HA HA HA. No way. I don’t force myself to shave ever. If I feel like it I do it, if I don’t feel like it…I don’t do it.

14. Do you feel more confident when you are well groomed?
Nope. I feel more confident with a big ole beard. Covers my double chin and even though I look older I get more compliments. For some reason chicks seem to want to touch it. Which can be really weird since it’s like…a part of me ya know? But I don’t think they think of it like that. Like what if I was like “wow you have great hair can I touch it?”. That would probably be really awkward no? But the same thing.

15. What is your favorite / least favorite word?
Wow this one really makes ya think.
Least: Huh?. I reaalllllyyyyyy dislike that word. Especially when people say it out of habit. For example: when you ask someone a question: “did you catch the game last night?” And they say “huh?” And then you don’t say anything in return and they say “oh yeah, it was a good game”. SO YOU DID HEAR ME!. Never knew I hated this so much until I moved to the South. And “huh” was just a way of life when talking to someone.

Favorite: All other words besides ”huh”

16. What turns you on / off?
Tacos really get me excited. Good authentic tacos with cilantro and onion. hmmmmm
Ignorance is a huge turn off.

17. What sound or noise do you love / hate?
Absolutely can not stand dogs barking. Not like the “woof woof woof someone is here” and then they shut up. But the “woof woof woof” over and over and over constantly without anyone making them stop. Like dogs that are outside just barking at nothing for days. SHUT YOUR FREAKING DOG UP!

I used to love the sound of coffee percolating. Now….maybe the tea pot boiling?

18. What is your favorite curse word?
Oh boy! I have a lot. But I use that 4-letter word that begins with the letter F the most. Look up The Meaning of the Word **** on youtube and give it a listen. Classic.

19. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
NASCAR driver. I think I would be really good at it. Turning left for 4 hours sounds like so much fun.

20. What profession would you not like to do?
Anything with a high likelihood of death.

21. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
“Glad you made it! There’s some folks waiting to see you down the hall”

Or maybe “Ha! Just kidding! Go give it another shot”

22. Motto or favorite saying/inspirational saying?
We don’t rent pigs!

23. Do you have any heroes either living or dead, current or from days gone by?
My dad was a hero. Though I didn’t realize it until he passed.

24. Any particular time in history and/or place you would have liked to have lived?
The old west would have been fun I think. But I wouldn’t have lasted long I’m sure. I think it would have been TOOOO MUCH FUN.

25. Anyone from history you most would have liked to meet?
Nah. Can’t say anyone from history really interested me much. I’m not a history buff or someone that thinks about meeting the dead and gone.

26. Favorite books, poems, authors, movies, songs, musical groups, albums, etc.?
Holy moly that’s a lot of media to think about. I really enjoyed reading Charles Bukowski. Just raw and funny. George Strait has always been a favorite singer. I like the Stuff You Should Know podcast and a bunch of others.

27. Favorite Actors or actresses?
I don’t hold these professions in such high regard as to have a favorite. To me they are just people doing a job they are paid to do. I enjoy watching Tom Hanks movies. Leo, Morgan, Meg, Jennifer Lawrence. Oh! Frances McDormand was pretty darn great in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Which brings me to Woody Harrelson - he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Him and Mathew were unbelievable together in True Detective.

28. Do you have children?, a wife?
How old are you?

Nope, nope, 37

29. Where were you born and/or raised?
Born in the Chicago area. Pretty much raised in Tennessee and Illinois. A good mix of both states.

30. Favorite part of the country/world?
I like where I’m at pretty well (Middle TN). I think in order to have a favorite I would have had to experience every part of the country/world. So nah, no favorite place. Just a place I call home.

31. Other hobbies/sports?
I like watching MLB, Cubbies. Never played sports or cared for much else of it. Usual guy stuff I’d say - fishing, camping, and a new interest in motorcycles. I do enjoy reading books.

32. Any famous mentors?
Not a one. I don’t structure my life around others. Or even listen that closely to anyone. I’ll listen to advice I’m given or perhaps learn from the actions of others but I’ve always had to do things my way. What I want. A mentor wouldn’t work for me because I’m ultimately going to think, do, say, experience, live, how I think is best suited for myself.

33. Who moderates the mods ? Is there a boss mod ?
Well the site owners ultimately have the final say so. But it’s extremely rare they are involved in day to day activities such as moderating. They trust the mods to do it and we share the responsibility collectively. There’s no hierarchy between us.

34. What were you (mod) really thinking when you decided to be a mod on a shave forum
I wasn’t! I was kidnapped!

35. What is the selection criteria. Is someone asked or does someone apply?
We are asked. Being a moderator, or any member on the team, is on a volunteer basis. There is no application process so to speak.

36. Some situation where mods were at loggerheads on some decision ? How was it resolved ?
Rock paper scissors usually works. Most the time it’s about who’s turn it is to clean up after Bigfoot. (yeah yeah, last one!!)

37. If you could be any tree what would it be?
Perhaps that species of Pine that’s like 5,000 years old. Bristlecone Pine? Yeah, that one.


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Good interview!

True Detective and Three Billboards. Good taste too.

Woody Harrelson is an underrated actor!


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17. What sound or noise do you love / hate?
Absolutely can not stand dogs barking. Not like the “woof woof woof someone is here” and then they shut up. But the “woof woof woof” over and over and over constantly without anyone making them stop. Like dogs that are outside just barking at nothing for days. SHUT YOUR FREAKING DOG UP!
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