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First str8

Thanks to RIK I received a scary sharp str8 a while back but am just now getting to use it. I have no idea what it would feel like to have a gun to my head while attempting to shave but this has to be close:eek: I have never been more scared in my life. After doing only half my face and only in a N to S direction I put it down and finished with my merkur trac. Im not even sure how to go about a S to N pass with out taking my throat with it.

It's not that bad! And remember, have a recent photo around so that the plastic surgeons have something to work from.

Sean, what kind of str8 is it? A traditional straight razor (with high carbon steel or SS) or a Feather with the replaceable blades? I have 2 str8's with 1 one the way and 1 Feather on the way. One of the two str8's I have doesn't shave nearly as well as the other, it was my first one and almost made me give it up. Then I got a loaner from Lynn and I have glass smooth shaves every time I use it.

Now I'm looking forward to the 2 new acquistions I should be getting next week. Right now, I think I'm still a DE man but slowly climbing the fence to be a str8 man!

Keep it smooth!
Congrats on your first shave with a str8t! You made the correct move to switch to a DE when you got outside of your comfort zone. As others have pointed out, it'll get easier. The mental hurdle is the biggest to conquer. Take it nice and easy and the rest will come.

It will get easier to do. I started just last year around October. Completing a shave used to take me 40 minutes, but is now down to 15 minutes. I can empathize with the fear you felt.

As for a S-N pass... Hold the razor however it feels comfortable for you -- I've held the razor with the scales inline with the blade sometimes to get the cutting angle that I need. Just make sure that you move the blade perpendicular rather than sideways -- where you'll likely get cut. Start with light strokes to ensure that you don't start razor burn. Eventually, you;'ll get used to the angles and directions needed to clean up all the whiskers.

Good luck with the adventure!



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I can sympathize. I've been using a str8 for what seems like an eternity, but today was the first day I ever got a complete shave (all passes, no DE touchup) that was satisfactory. The upwards stroke was initially daunting. The way I decided to learn to use a straight was to incorporate it slowly into my DE routine- cheeks only, at first, progressing to the neck, jowl, lip, and chin. Each week I tried to add a little bit more. Not overdoing it was the hardest part. Eventually, the muscle memory takes over and it becomes easier.
Ill be giving it a second go tonite....no S to N passes or the chin for that matter but ill get it....thanx for all the advice guys.
Well ill have to put str8 shaving on hold.....Not quite sure how I did it but I took a tiny chunk out of the blade.
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