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First Shave with new TI

So I got myself a TI Spartacus, and it arrived yesterday. The scales seem a bit beefier than the other razors I have. First thing was I of course arm tested it, and I was not particularly impressed - gave me razor burn on my arm (if that's possible). Probably pushing too hard to get it to cut.

I got myself some of the tape that @Frank Shaves suggested for honing. The description of the tape is "Tapes Master - 3/4" x 36 Yds - 1 Mil Kapton Tape – Polyimide High Temperature Tape with Silicone Adhesive". That stuff is pretty thin and I can see why it would be so useful in honing as it would add almost nothing to the angle. I got my 12000K stone out and did like 30 laps on it and it seemed ok, I thought this morning's shave would be the test.

So this morning I did about 30/60 strops on linen/leather, wiped it with alcohol (get the crap off it from honing that the linen may have missed) and tried a new to me shaving cream Captain's Choice Nor'easter.

I'm not sure if its the razor, or I'm finally getting the whole honing thing, but this was probably my best shave since I started back 2 weeks ago. I couldn't even feel the razor on my face it was so nice. Not nick or cut, nothing. The Nor'easter cream was nice had a nice menthol feel and a nice smell.

I'm not sure whether to be impressed with the razor, my honing, or both but the shave was really nice. I may have put too much water in with the shaving cream dollop as it was a little watery but still lathered nice. I'll use less water tomorrow ans we'll see.

On another note, not to be commercial for anything but the Captain's Choice cream was really nice too. I ordered the sampler and got like 15 or so little jars about the size of a quarter of each kind they sell. The other thing that kind of impressed me is that I got a handwritten note with my soaps that I ordered. That means that someone took some time doing this and just didn't throw it in a box and send it. May have to throw some business their way when my samplers run out.

Anyway, thanks for reading

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