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First Shave in the Books

Well, it should only get better as you go. Switch blades but it might be easier to stay with the same razor for a while to iron out the proper technique. Also, as the years pass, revisit old blades, razors, etc. as the perspective could change with more experience.
It's taken me a while to really learn the growth direction of my whiskers. It's slightly diff. on both sides of my neck. Then I'll get one side good and leave some stubble on the other side or forget to do ATG (against the grain) on the left cheek. Stuff like that. Preshave oil, 8 drops of olive oil, helps a lot and just a small drop of Afta afterwards and I have no redness. Occasionally, maybe 1 out of 4 shaves, I have a perfect shave with no weepers. Those days are increasing. Haven't cut myself in a month. I've only been serious about it all just over this summer. Best thing I ever did for myself. A great shave sets me up for the whole day, no exaggeration. You are really going to like collecting a kit and finding your best routine. It's all good.
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