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First post, what have I gotten myself into?

Welcome! Yer off to a fine start, with a bang and a whoop and cloud of smoke. :)

One thing you may notice is that you get a much closer-feeling shave with a blade than with an electric. Here's why:

blade vs. shaver.jpg

I agree that you're good to start with the razors that take the double edge (DE) blades. I also see a Gem Micromatic Open Comb, also known as the "MMOC." That and the Ever Ready take Gem blades, but do yourself a favour and DO NOT buy a pack of boxcutter blades at the hardware store. There are three grades of Gem blades for shaving. All of them have "three-bevel grind" which means they're made for shaving: there's a blue steel carbon blade that (from what I've heard) will convince you that old-school shavers were a pretty tough crowd. There's a stainless blade that works, and then there's that stainless blade with a PTFE coating on it for better "glide."

Not trying to tell a guy his business, but a pack of Personna Gem Stainless PTFE Coated blades is pretty much the gold standard. I find Gem razors as a class to be slightly milder feeling than Ever Ready razors as a class. They were made under the same corporate umbrella after mergers and acquisitions, and to some extent they retain their separate identities.

And yeah, straights are their own thing. Several things, actually, considering different styles and eras. @Chef455: "...a whole different can of rabbit holes..." is sheer genius.

Welcome to B&B. Nice first grab on the vintage front. As most have mentioned, the flare tip would be the one to begin using first. Do a bunch of reading here and pick out some good soap, brush, and blades. Got to go all in here, but take your first few shaves nice and slow.

Just remember, you have 7 DE razors today.....but will have 25+ by the end of this year!! Don't laugh....we are a bunch of crazy enablers here on B&B. When I first got into DE shaving (15+ years ago) I had no idea what I was getting into. It's been a wild and crazy ride....but I love it.
Welcome to the jungle. Definitely get a blade sample. As for soap you can get away with using whatever you’re using now but I’d recommend getting a brush and soaps. If I remember correctly Stirling has an option to get multiple samples
Oh, you WILL cut yourself - we all have.
Agreed but don’t let it deter you. There is a learning curve to using DE razors
Let me know what you all think, I’m not sure which I should start with, or what blades each would need. Please let me know anything I should know about these!

I agree with others that a blade sampler is a great way to go. I'm pretty new to this scene and I've tested probably 8 different blades and have already started ruling out some and picking others as my everyday razors.
a belated welcome, and you're off to a great start. Don't neglect your single edge razors, you've got some good ones there and it's a nice change of pace from DE shaving. I haven't yet made the leap to regular straight shaving (I've done some experimenting only).
Welcome! I’m a lot older than 23, but a newb (7 months in) to traditional wet shaving myself. If I could go back 7 months and advise myself- Grab a styptic pencil and an alum block (together under $10) and a few Gillette platinums (there are dozens of others, this is just my favorite for smooth and sharp, not scary in Gillette razors)for that Gillette Super Speed or the tech, and stick with it for several weeks to learn your technique. You can get a decent synthetic shave brush for under $20 and there is absolutely zero need to spend a lot there. Prep is HUGE. Read up and watch a few videos on lathering. You can thank me later 🙂Develop what works for you, but at a minimum a well hydrated and freshly scrubbed face. Then, depending on how everything is going, order some blade sampler packs. Many of the better shave soap companies also offer sampler packs, which can save you a ton of money learning what you like/don’t like. Blades in bulk are ridiculously cheap online as opposed to drug stores. Never use an uncoated SE blade. Before getting started, read up on face prep, lather and proper technique for razor use. “Mapping” your beard is a good idea too. This forum is the best resource for shaving on the planet. Lots of BS and marketing out there. Biggest mistake I made early was getting RAD (razor acquisition disorder) and stirring in a ton of different DE (double edged) SE (single edge) and injector razors and a variety of blades. I simply added so many constantly changing variables that I had a hard time “dialing in” anything for several months- and, I spent (wasted) a lot of money and time developing my base skills. You will soon enough have your technique down and then begin working thru different products till you find your “go to“ stuff, or you will enjoy the hobby enough that you just keep trying it all. The only dumb question is the question not asked. You will find a ton of support here. Every face, beard, skin type, etc is different, so YMMV in ALL things shaving, but the general collective experience here is usually the best direction. Have fun!
Ok I’ve been kind of busy and haven’t gotten around to ordering any blades for myself yet...
But I have some more news, today my Antique-Store-Friend also gave me some vintage(?) blades!
Should I use any of these, or just put them in the “collection” box?

Thanks all!

Edit: Uh-oh, looks like the photo didn't work, I will try again.
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Should I use any of these, or just put them in the “collection” box?
Cannot see the attachment but any carbon steel blades are unlikely to be useable, some of the stainless steel blades can be used depending on how carefully they have been stored.
In relation to straight razors, that opens another hobby of honing and stropping which you will find in the straight razor section.
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