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First post, what have I gotten myself into?

Cannot see the attachment but any carbon steel blades are unlikely to be useable, some of the stainless steel blades can be used depending on how carefully they have been stored.
In relation to straight razors, that opens another hobby of honing and stropping which you will find in the straight razor section.
Ok I think I fixed the picture in my last post, but the blades are as follows if it still doesn’t show up;

x5 Minora blades, made in Canada, still in sleeves (with no box).

x8 Wilkinson Sword “Swordmaster” made in England blades in their sleeves (one of which has been opened) in original box.

x5 Wilkinson Sword “Super Sword Edge” made in England blades in their sleeves in original box.

And a newer pack of Gillette Plus, only 4 left.

This is the Bunny:


His name is Ad. As in Acquisition Disorder.

He is in charge of many. Razors, Brushes, Soaps, etc.

He munches on the lettuce in your wallet as you follow him down his many holes.

Cute little guy, isn't he?

Haha yes my dad and brother were very skeptical when I mentioned safety razors, telling me I’ll hack my face up, but I am undeterred. So far anyway... 🤣
Only been doing this a year. Only nicked myself once. Occasional weepers. I have a goatie, so I dont have to worry about mustache or chin. Good luck and welcome to B&B
Welcome, sir! Good luck on your journey. Lots of fine folk here that can provide a ton of good advice! Keep us posted.
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