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Fireplace vent

I googled a question on what a handle was on my fireplace and someone actually posted the same question and a picture back in 2010 to this site and explained what it was so I decided to ask my question here....the only thing not explained was what direction was open/closed. This lever is on the right side of the fireplace and opens a vent to let air in or something like that. Anyone know what is open? Up or down? Can't see this vent opening and I'm assuming it's at the bottom.:001_smile
If it is in the lower part of the chimney, then it's a damper to open and close the chimney. Open, it lets the smoke from the fire out--closed, it keeps the warm air from escaping the house. Be sure it's open before building a fire.
This is the "outside air" vent. The direction depends on the manufacturer.
If you look inside the fireplace between the front face and the brick tiles, there should be a label with general cautions and the model number.
If you get the model number you can Google for an instruction manual.
If I recall correctly, the Lennox models have a locking mechanism where you have to slide the lever to the left to unlock it, then you pull it out to open the vent.
Closing it is reverse, push it in to close it, then slide it right yo lock it.
Here's what you can do , couple options :
1. turn the lever one way , if your hand goes up the chimney it's open , if it hits a metal plate it's closed.
2. again turn lever one way , start a small fire (newspaper) , if smoke comes in room it's closed & so turn other way .
In my place open is up and in.
closed is out and down. You can also open the flew a little or all the way there are notches you can lock the handle in.
This is a older system from 1955.

I would just look up the chimney to see if it is open or closed. I would also look to see if it is clean. birds nests, raccoons, Bigfoot all kinds of things get into chimneys and you don't want to start a fire with any thing in there.
DonN....this is the flume lever..this one I know how to work...it's another lever off to the right but I got the model number written down so I'm gonna google it.
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