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Fine Latigo Aftershave

Used this today. I would say it is on par with the other Fine AS's I have. It is described as leather, talc and diesel. It is a much lighter leather scent than I was thinking, but very nice. I would call it more classy smelling, vs a workman's leather scent. I do also get the talc....not sure about the diesel. I also think that based on the light leather (vs dark and damp) it will be a good choice for year round use.
Just got mine today, from Maggards. Their ad says it's a clone of the venerable Knize Ten cologne, which I have never tried. Fine's website says that Latigo = Leather + Talc + Diesel.

The leather scent comes through nicely, mixed with a soft powdery talc that lends a soapy and somewhat woody/floral undertone. Diesel? ... thankfully not. Instead it has a sort of machine shop automotive scent in the background, which I like. It's not a sexy date-night scent, but is dark and wintery, in a comforting sort of way.

In the end, within an hour, it dries down to a baby-powder scent that may grow on me, or maybe not. I wish I had waited for the sample size to be available, so I could evaluate it for awhile before splurging on the whole bottle. But it may grow on me ... it takes awhile to decide on such things.

By way of a similar vibe, Latigo reminds me somewhat of Baudelaire, and of Midnight Stag, and also of Fahrenheit -- scents that some of you may be familiar with.
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