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Finally got one.

I've done it, finally. I just purchased a Wester De-Fi 5/8 from RayG, listed over on SRP. I also purchased a Filly strop from RupRazor. Anything else I'm missing to get started?

I'm really looking forward to shaving with this!
You found a good razor from an excellent seller. You are already ahead in the straight razor games. I see so many new users with poor steel and dull edges. I understand trying to save a buck or not having much disposable income, in particular for students (heck, I went to college on the GI Bill). But the steel is just not something to cut corners with. Have fun.
Try just lathering parts of your face, one at a time. My first shave took so long, by the time i finished my cheeks, the lather on the neck was really dry. It just adds to fustration. And I underestimated the importance of careful face stretching when I started. Especially in the neck area. Good luck with your first shave! It becomes more pleasurable with each shave.
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