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finally figured out which straight is my favorite.

I'v been shaving with a straight for nearly three months now, and I've noticed that I keep picking up the same razor.
I've been collecting them whenever I see them cheap. I have six razors now, all old razors that I reconditioned somewhat.

I definitely like a full hollow grind. The razor I like best says 'extra hollow' right on the blade. That razor is probably 5/8.

I'm not nearly experienced enough to say that this is the best razor for me, so should I be looking for something in particular to try.
I've never used a new razor, but I'm not sure that I want to.
Ihave tried a partial wedge, and didn't care for it. I have also tried taller blades and shorter blades.

So, am I missing something I should try?

I'll probably keep picking up razors as I find them anyway, but I could look for something special if there is something I should just try out.

I think I am officially a life long straight shaver. I have no desire to go back.
I started with wedges and loved them dearly. 5/8 stuff was phased out quickly and now I go for 6/8 full hollow but prefer 7/8 or 8/8.
Yeah, I figured I'd keep trying the others periodically. I tried two others today, but ended up finishing with the favorite.
I'm wondering if one of the taller ones will become more comfortable as I get better.
Your about the same as me I also have 6 in rotation, different sizes and grinds. I recently got some 6micron paste to use after my 8000 hone which has been a big improvement on the edge and has changed how my razors perform on my face. I also use 3 and 1micron paste. Have you tried something with a smiley shape to it? That shape in a near wedge is a lot different to use from the straight hollows. My preference seems to change week to week, the best thing for me is having the different types to choose from. They all give me great shaves.
I have not tried a smiley or a Kamisori.

I looked at the Kamisori though. I am interested in trying one. I just need to get my hands on one.
Do you hold the Kamisori in a similar fashion, or is there a different technique?
As with a Western straight, there are all sorts of ways to hold one. I use different grips for different parts of my face. I've found much of the technique to be similar, but the experience to be significantly different. For me, it's more like a different accent than a different dialect.

I love using Western straights, too, but I enjoy the kamisori the most, right now.

I love the experience, but some people don't like it at all. It's yet another YMMV thing. It's definitely worth trying.
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