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Feather Blades

I bought a 110 Blade Sampler on Amazon by Wish4Star. The sampler came with Feather All Stainless with a black label. Is there a difference between the Feather Yellow and this Feather with the black label? There were only reviews of the Yellow Feather on the razor blade review forum. Thanks for info before I try them.
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I got the black packaging when I bought my Feather AS razor.

I took it under a electron microscope and tried to split an atom. It did not work. I guess they are slipping :001_smile
Hello LA Shaver,

Same blades.
Yellow labels are 10-packs.
Black labels are 5-packs.


Yes they are the same blade, just to distinguish between 5 blades per pack and 10 blades per pack...Cheers!
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