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Favorite TV chefs?

I always enjoyed watching Jeff Smith, the Frugal Gourmet. His show was always entertaining and interesting, especially his Chinese episodes. Apparently his personal life was very messy, which was a shame - it ended his career abruptly. He died earlier this decade.

Another one I used to enjoy (purely for the food - her personality and lifestyle ick me out) is the Barefoot Contessa lady on Food Network. Her food always looked good, at least up until the most recent season or two. Seems to me like she may be running out of ideas. Last show of hers I watched she was basically tossing a garden salad and making chicken salad sandwiches. I'm no chef but I don't need a show on lettuce and chicken salad.
Julia Child, the crazy early years Galloping Gourmet, Jacques Pepin.
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I like Ming Tsai ... his style of cooking is what I strive for. Simple ingredients, quick and easy methods, yielding elegant results. His style of teaching is also very easy to follow ... when I watch one of his shows, I can easily understand and duplicate what he's done. The same is not true of most other chefs, especially Emeril LagAhole.

Alton Brown puts more info into a 30 minute show than most others put into a whole season. I love his diagrams and analogies, but a lot of it is overkill ... more info than we really need. Still, its entertaining.

Rachael Ray is so darn cute! Her energy just lights up the room. I like the way she never measures anything and just tosses in ingedients, eyeballing and guessing at the amounts. Still, the meals she prepares are usually too complex, and at the end of 30 minutes, it leaves me wondering "Huh? I can't remember what she just prepared?"
From a "what I learn when I watch them" standpoint, it's Alton B hands down. My favorite chef on TV from an entertainment perspective is the other AB.. Anthony Bourdain.
That is funny, Justin Wilson came up in one of our lunch discussion's recently.

Very entertaining. :thumbup1:
What you learn in school? Pa, I learned Pi R square.

What the? What you talkin' 'bout boy, everybody know pie R round. Cornbread R square.
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My favorite celebrity chefs: Alton Brown, Gordon Ramsey, Morimoto, Ohhh..and you cant forget..

My dad used to have a Justin Wilson album were he talked about cooking a Texas "hard-shelled possum". Which he killed with his twice-barrel shootgun.