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Favorite Fall Soaps

For Fall, I brought out my container of Captian Choice's Bay Rum soap. I find it to be equally as good performance wise as my other "upper tier" soaps such as A&E and Barrister & Mann. I love the Captian's version of Bay Rum.
Right now I've been hitting Long Rifle Leatherstocking and Bay Rum quite a bit with Tabac and La Toja thrown in for good measure. But I do have the sampler pack of Southern witchcraft on the way! Really embracing the season.

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Sterling Gatlinburg, Proraso Red, and Stirling Coniferous. I got away from Stirling a while back, but find that I really like their formulas as of late.
Hard soaps:
- TOBS Sandalwood

Superlathered with these creams:
- TOBS Tobacco Leaf
- TOBS Sandalwood
- TOBS Mr. Taylor
- GFT Spanish Leather
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