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Favorite Fall Soaps

Hi all.
In preparation for the fall season.

Can you name your top 3 favorite fall scents . I’m looking for inspiration

I’ll start

Pre de Provence 63
Mikes natural orange cedarwood and black pepper
Stirling Coniferous

But I’m looking to buy some more for this fall season so want some ideas .

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Soap Commander Thanksgiving, Unity, Fortitude, Connection, & Serenity. There are others from SC but that's already two more than you asked for.

Proraso red is always a nice fall scent as well.
Some good recommendations here that I hadn’t heard about before: will definitely look them up.

I use proraso red as we hit winter . I like woody piney scents in fall.

I just placed an order for hallows and a few of my other fav soaps on B&M website. Excited to try hallows in October .

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Prorasso Red and Pre de Provence are favorites.
I like woody and spicy scents.
I’m curious about Hallows and cedar scents
I’m going to get Castle Forbes 1445.
I will watch this with interest.
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