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Favorite energy drink.

/me shakes head...

I barely can drink coffee, and I didn't get good results from caffeine pills in college.

If I needed a good burst, I'd probably go with coca tisane. Very smooth speed up to cruising, and a reasonably comfortable wearing off period.
Coffee, Monster low carb or zero ultra, Diet Mt Dew. I used to drink the Rockstar 2x(discontinued).

Not in any particular order.
NOS in the blue can, second choice is Monster in the white can. Five Hour Energy works best for me, but I hate spending $2.50 for a shot when I can get a 16 oz drink for less. I also like Übermonster, but $5 is too much.
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On a typical day I get by with just my morning 8 "cup" of coffee. If I'm working a double or expecting a lot of reservations I'll have a Redbull or a Rockstar. If I know I'm going to be working a double and doing a lot of reservations, I'll mix another Rockstar or Redbull in but I have to drink a lot of water on the line. I try to mix in fruit and bagels in there too. Small cans of pineapple juice help in a pinch and crazy nights light Valentine's or New Years I have been known to be able to drink a lot of coffee and a lot of energy drinks.

I can tolerate NOS. Hate most things Monster or Amp. I really only care for Rockstar Punched. I would rather be able to just drink coffee drinks but after that 8 cup my stomach gets sour.

Although I only use it for emergencies, I'm fairly sensitive to stimulants. I tend to get dependent on the stuff if I have more than 2-3 in a short timespan of a few days. I go through somewhat of a width-drawl :lol: