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Favorite energy drink.

Whats your favorite energy drink. I mean you have to have it to get the day started.

Ill start. Blue Low Carb Monster!
Fresh Coffee or if I am in a jam, ill grab a regular RedBull. I already know its horrible for me so why get diet?
About 3 cups of coffee in the morning, 1 can of diet coke for lunch, 1/2 a sugar free Rockstar before I go jogging, lots of water, and many trips to the lil' boys room.
Monster drinks...particularly the low carb or the "all free" (sugar free, calorie free, etc.) version which is relatively new.
They even have an even new one which tastes like grapefruit - same as the "free" version, but less sweet.
Monster is too sticky sweet and the no-carb versions have pushed for the same feeling.
Similar for RockStar, though I can tolerate the no-carb blue can.

My go-to is Full Throttle... normally Blue, 2nd choice is original Black.
Blue monster is good, but have you had the rehab line? yellow = lemonade & iced tea, green = green tea, red = red tea. I'd say the red tea monster is my favorite of them all.
I havent had it yet but I was half tempted to pick one up this morning. Just might do it on my morning run tomorrow.
Lapsang Souchong - black tea smoked over a pine fire. I like coffee but, it runs through my plumbing a bit too fast so, I have to be careful about where I drink it.