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Favorite brush for soaps?

I currently own a 30mm shavemac silvertip and a Saville Row 205, both I find too large for my favorite soaps. What brush do you gents use when you hit the soap jar?
I feel that any high quality brush should perform well on soaps, unless it is just too darn big for your soap container.
Cheers, DJ.
I'm finding my new Edwin Jagger Silvertip in medium is doing a heck of a job on soaps. Review to come shortly.
Simpson PJ2 or 3 in best, Taylor S41 in super, Rooney Style 3 small in finest all seem to work very well with Floris hard soaps.
Rik said:
My preference for soaps is a Simpsons PJ2 Super or Plisson Euro White #12.

Echo. Wait a minute..... I recommended both of these to Rik :biggrin: :thumbup:

Seriously though - the "king" of shaving soap specific brushes in my opinion is the Plisson Euro White #12. I have had various plissons, and currently have a Plisson #14 & #16 in High Mountain White with horn handles.... and the euro white spanks 'em with soaps and the #12 is the perfect size.

When the rubber hits the road however - the simpson pj2 is built better, will work with creams just as well as soaps, is ALMOST as good as the plisson euro white, and it has a more comfortable hande. If you are looking for the best *soap brush* a plisson #12 in euro white is the ticket. If you are looking for ONE of the best shaving soap & cream brushes that is a 9.5 out of 10 in both creams and soaps - get a PJ2 in super. Personally I think the PJ2 is the best brush out there... sure you can get a brush that is a 10 out of 10 with creams.... but it'll be a 6 with soaps, and visa versa. The PJ2 is the only brush that does BOTH creams and soaps nearly perfect.
Any brush will work with any soap or cream.

<steps off soapbox>

That being said, I reach often for my Shavemacs for hard soaps more often than not.
Any brush should work, but there is something about using a Pure grade brush on soaps....the lather just jumps off the puck, where softer bristles require you to work more. I got a Shavemac 562 (23mm) just for soaps.
Loving my Simpson T3/PJ3 super for soap. Likewise, the soap pretty much jumps into the bristles. Also loving for cream, btw.
javyn said:
where softer bristles require you to work more.

Sorry but... Nonsense! :smile:

My Kent BK8 works fantastic on soaps. Better than Pure grade stiffer brushes. I can make just a few light swipes around a soap and the Kent will do the rest. The soft fine bristles and looser knot are a lather making machine. In other words, with the BK8 you can do more with less because it can make lather so easy.
I find that my Simpson PJ1 in best works wonderful on soaps. My larger brushes (vulfix 41 and Savile Row 212T Supers) work best with creams.

Of course YMMV.

Just fine I'm sure. Frankly, I think Richard is probably right here.... As long as it isn't so big that the Bristles go flopping off the sides, I expect it will work fine. Even that will work fine, just messy - used my Vulfix #41 for soap a few times. It lathered just great.
Sorry but... Nonsense!

My Kent BK8 works fantastic on soaps. Better than Pure grade stiffer brushes.

Never used a Kent, but the softer bristles definately don't work up a lather faster or better than Pures for the ones I've tried. I save the Finest and STip for creams. It's especially true with the clear, cold poured soaps that are a bit harder to get a lather out of in general; for those it's Pure or nothin ;)
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