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Fan or Flat Top

Currently have a Finest and a Silvertip both Bulb shape. Looking at Flat Top and Fan shapes. Are there any differences between the two as far as applying cream? As of the moment I'm thinking a small brush, soft, and Fan shape. Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm a bulb fan but I own a few flat top brushes. It's all personal choice. They all lather great and apply great.
Going from bulb to flat is the other extreme. I personally prefer a well rounded fan, like the SOC 2 band. A flat can be a little bit unwieldy in the face. With a fan usually you have more tips touching your skin than with a bulb shape given the same amount of gentle pressure applied. It's mainly a YMMV thing.
My preferences are fan and flattop over a bulb.
The Flattop D01 two-band is my all time favorite (so far...) and second is a D01 three band in fan. If you go for a flattop, chose a knot size between 18 and 22 mm max, with 20mm being the sweet spot at least for me. One will have a lot of hair in your face with such a small brush, and I believe the small flattop I have compares well with a 26/28 mm knot of a standard shaped brush. Its a great feel, but also an acquired taste.
I agree with Rudy on the flattop. I have a D01 shavemac that is a fantastic brush and a real soap eater. It is a wonderful brush and I find myself reaching for it frequently. This is my flattop that I installed in a Vulfix Burlington handle.



you'll definitely get more surface area on the puck/cream with a flat-top so loading time is lower for the flats. as such i also think you get more surface area on your face so building lather is easier (more enjoyable) with a flat-top than fan. My flat-top in 2-band is my favorite brush. Kills everything I throw at it and builds fantastic lather. I don't know if you're thinking 2- or 3-band but if you're not a big fan of scritchy brushes, then I would avoid the 2-band in flat. I have the 2-band in flat and it softened up some after about 2-dozen lathers but it's still got plenty of scritch which I love. My 3-band fan is very soft and very different. My favorite brushes are shavemacs and these two are at the top. I would probably do a flat top in 3-band to see how it compares to my 2-band. might get the softness of 3-bands with the increased ease of building lather of flat-top brushes.
I agree with every one about the virtues of a flat top. Why aren't they more popular then? My theory is that they just look "wrong" somehow. Almost like they've been mutilated, in comparison to more typical fans or bulbs. Anyone else feel that way too or have another idea?
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