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Fake Wolfman?

I’ve been much less active the last year for a variety of reasons - mostly just busy with other things. I still lurk and check out razors and brushes now and then. I was both surprised and then maybe not surprised to see an obvious fake Wolfman razor advertised on eBay. It looks a bit like a WR1 in a 2 handle but it’s obviously not a real one. The underside of the baseplate is marked “WOLFMAN” in something resembling the script on the real thing. Instead of saying WR1 there’s a kind of triangle warning sign logo. Fit and finish look lousy - probably a stamping rather than billet. The asking price is close to $500! I’ve heard fake of razor blades, I guess it makes sense to go for the high dollar razors as well.

Be careful! If you plan to buy used take a close look at the real thing on the Wolfman site first. Of course there’s plenty of good honest stuff available on forum sites and the auction sites. Many of my best razors and brushes have been bought or sold this way.

In an odd way, I suppose this is a compliment to Wolfman. Like Creed, Rolex, LV…. his products are is such demand that they are worth copying. He has arrived!
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