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Experiment using 2 suggestions from the board

I've been lurking on the brush board the past day of two in order to gain some insights on increasing the amount of lather using soaps. My setup is a C&E best badger and a rotation between a cake of Caswell and Massey Sandlewood and a cake of Burma Shave which was tossed into an eBay razor purchase as an extra.

Based upon some threads I read last night, I tried the following 2 modifications to my technique:

1) I shampooed my brush which is on the order of 3 months old.
2) As I have extraordinarily hard water, I used some of my reverse osmosis drinking water for soaking the brush.

The result this first day was that the brush seemed to hold more water than in the past and that the lather, although considerably more copious, was also much wetter. Tomorrow I'll try shaking the brush off a bit more before I stir up the lather. All and all, the experiment is showing positive results. Thanks guys.
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