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Is there a list of how many shaves with a particular blade brand have been achieved ? I´d be very intrested in that! My english is very bad though.

With kind regards King-Joe
Unfortunately I don't think anyone has made such a list. This thread has that information, but it is a lot to read!
Well, that would be a huge job to make such a list. I read a lot here and try to use my blades in the sense of Excalibur.
Unfortunately, not many in my Rasurforum understand that. But it´s fun and I allways learn.

With kind regards King-Joe
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Thanks to @psfred's advice on shaving angle, I'm now getting more shaves from my blades. 25 on a Gillette Wilkinson Sword and 22 on Astra SP. The Astra SP is still efficient, so I anticipate more than 25.
Today Shave No. 60 with the Personna Q-ball in my Parker 99r TTO! So many shaves I´ve only achieved once with the Kai blade. I think that´s also because of the Arko Stick I`ve been using for some time. Let`s see how long the blade still holds.

With kind regards King-Joe
I started using a slant razor (37C clone I think?) recently, and the results are very good with stainless blades. I greatly prefer platinum coated blades because they pull much less for me, but the slant has probably doubled the life of Super Stainless blades and Derby Premiums for me.

Have to be careful on my chin though, lots of blade exposure combined with some old scars and new skin roughness from being past 60 can result in weepers there.